Off Road Adventure

ATVs at Shepherd of the Hills in Branson?  Yep!  Ozark Off-Road ATV Adventures lets you enjoy some of the prettiest acreage in the area, and get a cool adrenaline rush at the same time!  Technologically advanced CanAm Commander and CanAm Maverick vehicles are used for one hour excursions, giving riders plenty of time to explore.  You’ll receive basic instructions to get you comfortable with the vehicle and give you an understanding of the terrain you’ll encounter, and then head out with a trained tour guide for a 30-minute excursion. For more information, click here.

Mountain Coaster


The Copperhead Mountain Coaster lays claim at being the longest, fastest, and most scenic in Missouri. This fast paced ride is nearly a mile in length, and travels 1,450 feet uphill before racing back down another 3,350 feet. As you twist and turn flying downhill the coaster can reach speeds of up to 50 mph. The Copperhead runs both day and night and is quite a sight to see lit up with LED lights under a beautiful starlit sky. Riders must be at least 38 inches tall, and closed toed shoes are required! Shepherd of the Hills is located at 6021 W. 76 Country Blvd, Branson MO 65616 For more information, click here.

Scuba dive at Bonne Terre Mine

The Bonne Terre Mine is the perfect place for adventure!  The Bonne Terre Mine is the largest man made cavern in the world, and dates all the way back to the 1860’s. Inside the Mine, you will find Billion Gallon Lake, which is the largest subterranean lake on Earth. Today, divers can explore the underwater ghost town and see beautiful artifacts from days past, including entire buildings, a locomotive, mining equipment and more, all preserved about 100 feet under water. This is also home to the world’s largest freshwater dive resort. The mine serves as one of the most popular diving locations in the country, in fact National Geographic listed the mine as one of the top ten diving resorts in the world.  Dive tours are available for certified scuba divers. Or you can become certified through the Bonne Terre Mine. Bonne Terre Mine is located at 185 Park Ave., Bonne Terre, MO 63628.  Just 13 miles from beautiful Farmington.  For more information click here.

Timber Ridge Ropes Course

This massive 4 story obstacle course is a perfect way to get your blood pumping. The course features more then 60 different obstacles, including 2 zip lines, a balance beam, a swaying ladder, uneven bars, and a free fall of 40 feet off the  quick jump platform. To add to the excitement the obstacle course takes place, high above a pit full of alligators and snakes. The pit is here, for two very important reasons.  First it serves as a habitat, and home for 5 alligators, and one 20 foot python.  Second the pit adds a sense of adventure to those attempting to complete the course. The Ropes Course is located at Fun Mountain at 612 Devil’s Pool Rd, Ridgedale. For more information, click here.

Underground Kayaking

Located deep in the heart of the Midwest, lies a one of a kind kayaking experience that you will never forget.   Operated by Marsan Canoe and Kayak Tours, this amazing Adventure takes you into the depths of the long forgotten PPG no.9 glass mine. This experience is so rare, that I could not find any comparable trip in the entire United States. The 3 hour tour takes you up to 400 feet below ground, as you navigate your kayak through the flooded former sand mine.  On your tour you will pass such sights as the “Birth Canal,” “Gilligan’s Island,” “The Squeeze,” ” The Car Wash” and the “Townsend Center”which is the largest opening in the mine. All tours are run by expert guides of great personality, who do an outstanding job both guiding the tour and providing an interesting/entertaining history of the mine. To reserve your spot call (636) 208-5026  to find out more about this amazing kayak tour click here.