Laughing Whitefish Falls- Michigan

The charmingly named Laughing Whitefish Falls are positioned three miles north of Sundell. This scenic site is great for picnics because of its outdoor facilities. The hike is only one mile long and is great for all ages and fitness levels. The trail itself is quite beautiful, especially during the spring months when everything is blooming. You will be walking through the forest, so come prepared with bug spray and appropriate attire. The falls are very beautiful; they flow over limestone bluffs into a ravine – at which some people choose to go fishing. There is also a stairway leading to the bottom of the water flow. Laughing Whitefish Falls is located at M-94 and Sundell Rd intersection in Sundell Michigan. For more information, click here.

Dunning Spring-Iowa

The waterfall is located in Dunnings Spring Park in Decorah, just a quarter mile upstream from the famous Ice Cave. This gorgeous 200 foot waterfall is just a short walk from the Upper Iowa River. This a popular place for weddings, picnics, and hiking. The Falls is open year round from  6 AM- 9 PM. The park is located on Ice Cave Road. For more information, click here.

Jackson Falls-Illinois

Jackson Falls is one of the best waterfalls in all of Illinois.  During the 5 mile hike to get to the base of the falls, you can also see two other waterfalls, along a beautiful canyon. During the summer months, Jackson Falls is one of the most popular swimming holes in the state.  Jackson Falls is located in Shawnee National Forest at Glen St Falls Rd, Simpson, IL 62985. For more information, click here.

Thunder Falls-Illinois

No walking is required to view this picture-perfect waterfall. This is a very popular spot for wedding and engagment photos, and has even been featured in several tourism ads both locally and on the state level. Thunder Bay Falls is located in the northwest corner of the state at 248-268 Thunder Bay Rd., Galena, IL 61036. For more information, click here.

Gooseberry Falls-Minnesota

Gooseberry Falls is one of Minnesota’s most popular state parks due to its easy access to several scenic waterfalls! This park provides 70 non-electric camping sites that are available year-round. There are 18 miles of hiking trails, including 8 miles of mountain bike trails. The trails connect to the Superior Hiking Trail. There are popular picnic and swimming spots found throughout the park. Gooseberry Falls is located at 3206 MN-61, Two Harbors, MN 55616. For more information, click here.

Agate Falls-MIchigan

Considered by many to be one of upper Michigan’s most picturesque waterfalls, Agate Falls Scenic Site is located on the middle branch of the Ontonagon River. The falls are created as the river finds its way over an extended shelf of terraced sandstone. The resulting waterfall is a broad band of interlacing cascades and small falls nearly 40 feet high. Agate Falls Scenic Site is located at M-28, in Trout Creek, Michigan. For more information, click here.

Lake Falls-Illinois

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Canyons, streams, waterfalls, prairie and forest combine to delight visitors at Matthiessen State Park.  One of the  main attractions is, Lake Falls, this is a man made dam with a 65-foot-tall waterfall! Matthiessen State Park is an Illinois state park located a few miles south of the more famous Starved Rock State Park. The main entrances to both parks are located on Illinois State Route 178, the entrance is located at 2500 IL-178, Oglesby, IL 61348 For more information, click here.

Minneopa Falls-Minnesota

Minnesota’s third oldest state park is home to a newly re-established American Bison herd. Enjoy a fun day of exploring Minneopa State Park filled with natural and historical features, including Southern Minnesota’s largest waterfall. Minneopa Falls checks in at a stunning 60 feet in height. The park is located off U.S. Highway 169 and State Highway 68, five miles west of Mankato Minnesota.

Dogwood Falls-Missouri

Dogwood Canyon  has been described as an outdoor wonderland just waiting to be explored.  This Midwestern paradise is spread out on more then 10,000 acres of ruggedly beautiful terrain.  The park has 30 different waterfalls, 2 lakes, and a beautiful meandering stream, that winds its way through the canyon. Dogwood Canyon is located at 2038 West State Hwy 86 Lampe, Missouri 65681. For more information, click here.

Copper Falls-Wisconsin

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Copper Falls State Park has some lovely trails which lead to two waterfalls, Copper and Brownstone, both of which are around 30 feet high. Ancient lava flows, deep gorges and spectacular waterfalls make Copper Falls State Park one of Wisconsin’s most scenic parks. If you are in the park, you have to see the stunning gorge on Bad River. Copper Falls State Park is located at 36664 Copper Falls Rd, in Mellen. For more information, click here.

Smith Falls-Nebraska

Smith Falls is located in the charming Smith Falls State Park and the falls are known to be the highest waterfall in all of Nebraska. Smith Falls is a popular place to enjoy during the summer months when many people come to kayak, tube, boat, and camp for a few days. Smith Falls was named after Frederic Smith; he was the first person who filed the smallholding patent on the property surrounding the falls. These falls are great for taking pictures and enjoying a picnic at one of the picnic tables in the park. If you are adventurous, try kayaking while visiting Smith Falls. Smith Falls is located at Smith Falls State Park at 90165 Smith Falls Rd. in Valentine, Nebraska.

Cedar Falls-Ohio

Cedar Falls are fairly narrow but have become one of the most visited falls in Ohio State. That is because they are family-friendly and offer the chance to cool off on a hot day. Their appearance changes by the season with the flow of water. Inside the state park, you will see caves and cliffs around this 50-foot waterfall. Visitors facilities are excellent and have led to even greater numbers coming, without the environment being spoilt in the least.The trails are good and cyclists can explore the park at their leisure – all stop to look at the falls. This waterfall can be found in Hocking Hills State Park.

Lost Canyon Falls-Missouri

The breathtaking waterfall found at Top of the Rock is only visible on the Lost Canyon Nature Trail, at Top of the Rock. This two-and-a-half-mile journey on an electric cart is an unforgettable experience, that takes visitors past stunning rock formations,  brilliant waterfalls and breathtaking views of Table Rock Lake.  The adventure begins at 612 Devil’s Pool Rd, Ridgedale, MO 65739. For more information, click here.

Minnehaha Falls-MInnesota

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The popularity of these 53-foot falls in Minnehaha Park is understandable because of their proximity to the city and the fact that you can hear the water soon after you enter the park. The flow is at its height after the winter snow melts, but there are plenty of visitors in the winter when the falls freeze over. Winters are cold in Minneapolis, so the icicles of the falls are guaranteed. They are the falls mentioned in Longfellow’s ‘’ Song of Hiawatha.’’ Aside from the views from above, you can go down either side of the falls to get different angles. For more information, click here.

Bond Falls-Michigan

The locals refer to Bond Falls as one of the most pictorial falls in the Midwest of Michigan. There are six different viewing locations and three platforms, which make great picture spots. You will be surrounded by natural beauty during your walk to the falls and will fall in love with the cascading water along the boardwalk. Many people enjoy Bond Falls for hiking, photography, enjoying a picnic or simply relaxing and taking in the glorious scenery. Bond Falls is located at Bond Falls Road, in PauldingMichigan. For more information, click here.

Amnicon Falls-Wisconsin

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Amnicon State Park is known for a gorgeous waterfall that has upper and lower parts along the Amnicon River. The trails are short and total just about two miles, so you can wander all over in a short amount of time. The highlight of the park is undoubtedly the four waterfalls, one of which you can even walk behind. Amnicon Falls State Park is located at 4279 County Road U, South Range, WI, 54874. For more information, click here.

Willow River Falls-Wisconsin

Willow River State Park offers a variety of recreational opportunities for visitors to enjoy year-round. Willow River State Park is located at 1034 Co Hwy A, in Hudson, Wisconsin. For more information, click here. The highlight of the park is no doubt the impressive Willow River Gorge, and the stunning Willow Falls. This area is one of the most gorgeous spots in the entire Midwest. Its also a popular destination during the summer months, as the area around the falls is a fun spot to get wet and cool off in the water. Willow River State Park is open year round from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Wildcat Falls-Iowa

Wildcat Falls is located behind the Pine Creek Grist Mill, at Wildcat Den State Park.   It’s only a short walk from the parking lot, but the view is breathtaking!  This section of the park is one of the most photographed locations in the state.  A popular destination for prom and engagement photos. From Highway 22 turn North on Wildcat Den Road, follow road for 1 mile to the park entrance.  1884 Wildcat Den Road, Muscatine. For more information, click here.

Cataract Falls-Indiana

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Cataract Falls are part of Lieber State Recreation Area. The falls source is Mill Creek, and it has the highest volume of water flowing through, although it is not the tallest cascade. Cataract has an upper and lower waterfall. The upper is 30 feet, while the lower is about 15 feet. Visitors will need to pay an entrance fee to enter the park and then it is a short hike across the bridge that spans Mill Creek to get to the waterfalls. The falls are about a mile apart. The falls create a stepping stone effect with giant boulders. For most people, the lower falls are known as the Cataract Cascades. Mill Creek, which is downstream from lower Cataract Falls, flows into Cagles Mill Lake. Visitors can reach the falls from the nearby towns of Cunot or Cataract, off State Road 243. For more information, click here.

Big Clifty Falls-Indiana

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Big Clifty Falls is one of four waterfalls in the Clifty Falls State Park in Indiana. The hike is a 3.4-mile round trip along a looped path. The walk is downhill, with a 280-foot elevation loss. Hikers can bring their dogs along to enjoy mother nature at her finest. Big Clifty Falls is 60-feet of cascading, rolling water that drops down stair-like rock formations. There are other falls on this trail but Clifty Falls is the first you will reach on your hike. Clifty Falls State Park is located at 1501 Green Rd, Madison, IN 47250. For more information, click here.

Marvel Cave Falls-Missouri

Marvel Cave is a National Natural Landmark located just west of Branson on top of Roark Mountain in Stone County. Located 505 feet below the surface, the Waterfall Room is the lowest room on the cave tour. The source of the water is from the underground stream named The Lost River. Marvel Cave is located in Silver Dollar City In Branson. For more information, click here.

Rocky Falls-MIssouri

This picture is owned by Jennifer Aubuchon

Rocky Falls in Shannon County is another waterfall that can also be considered a shut-in. Located nine miles southeast of Eminence on Highway NN, Rocky Falls’ cascades down sixty feet of igneous rock into a pool of cold, clear water. Rocky Falls is located on Route NN, off of Route H east of Eminence and Winona. For more information, click here.

Ferne Clyffe Falls-Illinois

Ferne Clyffe Falls is said to be the most visited waterfall in Illinois, and for good reason; you can actually walk behind this waterfall! Though the flow isn’t always consistent – try going after a big rain to see the most impressive falls – it’s beautiful no matter the weather. It’s fairly easy to get to as well, making it the perfect outing for families. To visit Ferne Clyffe State Park, drive south on IL-37 from Downtown Goreville. In just 2 minutes, you will arrive at the entrance to the park. For more information, click here.

LaSalle Canyon Falls-Illinois

This picture is owned by Tonya Boyd Photography

When its comes to beautiful scenery, very few parks in the Midwest can compare to Starved Rock State Park.  The park boosts more than 13 miles of well marked hiking trails, 18 canyons, and 14 different waterfalls! The best times to see waterfalls are in the spring when the snow and ice melt or after a heavy rainfall. Starved Rock State Park is situated along the south bank of the Illinois River, less than 100 miles from Chicago, at 2668 E 875th Rd., Oglesby, IL 61348. For more information, click here.

Berry Falls-Nebraska

Berry Falls are a beloved and well known stop for regular floaters of the Niobrara National Scenic River. The Berry Falls are located adjacent to Berry Bridge on Berry Bridge Road on the South bank of the river, near Valentine Nebraska. For more information, click here.

Wagner Falls-Michigan

Wagner Falls Scenic Site is nestled among old-growth pine and hemlock trees just 1.5 miles south of Munising. A .1-mile trail connects a small parking area to an observation deck overlooking the falls. Wagner Falls Scenic Site is located at  Junction Of M-28 And M-94MunisingMichigan. For more information, click here.

Tahquamenon Falls-Michigan

Tahquamenon Falls State Park encompasses close to 50,000 acres stretching over 13 miles. Most of this is undeveloped woodland without roads, buildings or power lines. The centerpiece of the park, and the very reason for its existence, is the Tahquamenon River with its waterfalls. The Upper Falls is one the largest waterfalls east of the Mississippi. It has a drop of nearly 50 feet and is more than 200 feet across.  Four miles downstream is the Lower Falls, a series of five smaller falls cascading around an island. Although not as dramatic as the Upper Falls, they are equally magnificent. The park offers visitors a wide variety of recreational opportunities. During the spring and summer, camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, canoeing, nature study and photography are popular activities. Fall colors provide a beautiful picturesque view of the park. In addition, hunters will find ample opportunities to pursue their sport. Tahquamenon Falls State Park is located at 41382 West M-123, Paradise, MI. For more information, click here.

High Falls Minnesota-

AMB-MD Photography / shutterstock

At 100 feet, these falls on the Baptism River are among the highest in the state. You can take one of two trails to reach them, with the shorter walk about a mile and a half. Several different photographs are possible from above, on the boardwalk, or the stairs that lead down to the base. A little further on, you will find Two-Step Falls. When they are in full flood, the two cascades of water flowing down are especially impressive, so pick your time to go – springtime or after heavy rains are ideal. For more information, click here. High Falls is located at  is located at 5702 Highway 61 in Silver Bay, Minnesota. 

Branson Falls-Missouri

The Waterfall Trail runs along an unnamed tributary of Roark Creek and includes some beautiful rock formations, a waterfall, and a dense tree canopy. Branson Missouri is full of amazing places, from incredible shows to breathtaking sites there’s a reason it’s one of the top destinations in the Midwest. Sometimes thou Branson can get a little crowded. If you are in the area and feel the need to get away from everyone, just head on over to the Branson Waterfall Trail and enjoy a scenic hike and even take a dip in one of the pools of water you find along the way. For more information, click here. For directions to reach the waterfall trail, click hereTrust me, you will need these directions!

Spearfish Falls-South Dakota

Jason Patrick Ross / shutterstock

The history of Spearfish Falls is very interesting. The railroad ran across the falls in the early of 19th century, a great experience for passengers. But a century later, the water was diverted to create hydroelectric power to a nearby gold mine. Suddenly, the falls were dry; they did not appear again until 2003 when the creek returned to its original route. South Dakota’s mines are long gone now. The railway has been closed for many years but its remains are in evidence. The walk to reach the falls is fairly simple; park your car at the Latchstring Restaurant and go ahead. For more information, click here.

Sable Falls-Michigan

Beautiful Sable Falls is part of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, and is located about 1.0 mile west of Grand Marais Michigan, on Alger County Road H-58. For more information, click here. Sable Falls tumbles 75 feet over a cascading slope of Munising and Jacobsville sandstone formations on its way to Lake Superior. The best viewing is from the bottom of a long staircase of 168 steps. The trail from the parking area to this staircase is a short one. The beach at the end of the Sable Falls Trail is part rock and part sand, with views of the Grand Sable Dunes towering above.

The Devils Bathtub-South Dakota

The Devils Bathtub is one of those magical places, you usually only see in Instagram posts.  However, you too can partake in all the splendor this natural water park has to offer. The trailhead begins at 1917 Spearfish Canyon Hwy, in Lead, South Dakota. For directions to the swimming area, click here.