Often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks, the Ausable Chasm is one of North America’s most incredible destinations.

Since 1870, Ausable Chasm has thrilled and amazed all who have come to explore.  More than 10 million visitors have witnessed what mother nature has provided: a uniquely-carved, vertical-walled canyon made of 500 million year old rock.

As one of the earliest and oldest attractions in the USA, Ausable Chasm has developed a history filled with adventures, disasters, and many famous visitors.

Over 10 million visitors have explored Ausable Chasm, the oldest natural attraction in the USA! The amazing sights of the chasm will take your breath away.

The Ausable Chasm has something for everyone! There is the unforgettable Riverwalk, the incredible Adventure Trail, and at night you can enjoy a guided Lantern Tour, through the deep dark depths of the canyon!  For those looking for a little more adventure there is the Raft Float Tours,  or maybe you want to try your hand at Rock Climbing, or Rappelling.  Whatever your interests are, I’m sure you will have the adventure of a lifetime at the Ausable Chasm!

If you love being in nature, surrounded with natural beauty than the Chasm is a must see destination. Imagine strolling past such iconic sites as Rainbow Falls, Elephant’s Head, Column Rock, Hyde’s Cave, and the eerie quiet of Mystic Gorge. Descend hundreds of feet to walk on natural stone walkways and gaze upon eons of geologic history etched in stone. All the while surrounded by the dense primeval Adirondack forest.  This is seriously a dream come true for nature enthusiasts!

With so much to see and do, you may want to stay for the weekend. Ausable Chasm Campground & Cabins is loaded with activities for families on the go, including swimming, playgrounds, shuffleboard, basketball, volleyball and disc golf. Don’t forget to bring the bikes and enjoy mountain biking on the professionally designed and maintained trails! There are more than 25 miles of trails just for our campers.  They offer a variety of options for campsites, with affordable rates that can be found here.  

Ausable Chasm is conveniently located just off of I-87 between Exits 34 and 35.  We are just 12 miles South of Plattsburgh, NY (the areas largest city – located on famous Lake Champlain) and just one mile North of historic Keeseville on Route 9.   The address is 2144 Route 9 Ausable Chasm, NY 12911.

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