When You Constantly Push Your Limits You Will Never Reach Them

Enjoy An Underground Adventure Like No Other At Gorge Underground

This entire area of Kentucky is truly special, and its a bucket list worthy destination for hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and photography enthusiasts.  While so many of the areas visitors come to explore the famed Red River Gorge!

However one of the areas best adventures lies deep underground. The Gorge Underground is a fantastic year round destination. In the summer, the underground is a perfect place to escape the grueling summer heat. During the winter its the same 50 degrees, and depending on the outside weather, you may be escaping the cold.

The Gorge Underground offers four amazing tours:

The CLASSIC BOAT TOUR Your journey begins as you descend into the darkness in a custom-built cave boat. With an expert guide at the helm, you’ll wind your way through the 100-year-old flooded limestone mine and discover the rich history and hidden secrets of The Gorge Underground. Perfect for large groups. The boat is also great for small children and those of us that like to take things a little easier. A personal flotation device helmet & headlamp are included. This tour last one hour.

The CLASSIC KAYAK TOUR Feeling adventurous? Paddle your way through the mine in a kayak on this unforgettable one-hour tour. Make your way through the darkness as our expert guides lead the way illuminating the unique features of the Gorge Underground. There are new discoveries to be made around every corner of this one-of-a-kind mountainside cavern. This tour lasts 1 hour.

The CRYSTAL KAYAK TOUR This tour will blow your mind! Not only is the bottom of your kayak crystal clear but we’ve added underwater led lights so you get the best view of our rainbow trout an underwater features. There are new discoveries to be made around every corner of this unique flooded mine. A crystal clear bottom kayak, paddle, personal flotation device, Nocqua LED underwater kayak lights, helmet & headlamp are included. A digital photo album of your tour is available for purchase. This tour lasts 1.5 hours.

The SUP TOUR Upgrade to our deluxe 1.5-hour SUP tour and experience the wonders of the cavern in a new (colorful) light. As you navigate the mine surrounded by the glow of your LED board, our expert guides will reveal the best-kept secrets of the underground. Stand up paddleboard, paddle, personal flotation device, helmet & headlamp, Nocqua LED underwater board lights are included. A digital photo album of your tour is available for purchase. This tour lasts 1.5 hours.

The Gorge Underground is located at 2478 Glen Cairn Road, in Rodgers Kentucky. For pricing, scheduling or any other general information, click here. Or call 844-254-6244.


  1. Lacey

    Price for tour

    • marklongmainstream

      Its about $60.

      • Barbara Tucker

        Per person or boat?

        • marklongmainstream

          I suggest you contact the Gorge Underground and ask them. I believe its $60 per person. But I could be wrong. I try not to ever get involved in pricing.

  2. Laura

    Hi what is the age limit for these underground adventures. I have a 3 yr old not sure if I’d bring her with but just incase.

    • marklongmainstream

      I don’t believe there is an age limit for the boat tour.

  3. Julia Mowrer

    Information on all tours. Thanks

    • marklongmainstream

      What would you like to know that’s not in this article already? I can try and find out if there is something specific.

      • Deambra

        How do you book a tour?

  4. Janein

    Do you offer military discount? I went thru the whole website there was no information given just discount if have a big group. That’s all I saw. Thank you

    • marklongmainstream

      I’m not sure. That would be a question for The Gorge Underground directly. Thank you for your service!

  5. Sandy Rice

    How far do u have to make RSV for the boat tour .

    • marklongmainstream

      We didn’t rsvp at all we just showed up. So I don’t think you need much if any notice.

  6. Tori

    Can I bring my dog?
    She’s trained and kayaks with me.