You know those amazing adventure spots you see browsing Pinterest? Those places that make your eyes glaze over with envy at the person who was actually standing in that spot, able to snap that pic? Well this is one of those magic places very few will ever see!  This magical place is located just a short ( 2 hour drive) from Nashville.

Lost Creek Falls is a beautiful 60 foot, waterfall located in Sparta, TN. This incredible site was formerly located on private property, and has remained a secret until fairly recently.

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In 2012 the well-known Fall Creek Falls State Park purchased the land to add to their already impressive park system.

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Most people however still don’t know about this new section of the park, and on many days you may have the waterfall and cave all to yourself.

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As amazing as Lost Creek Falls is, its still not well advertised, and that can be a bit of a challenge when trying to find the trail head. I suggest typing Lost Creek Falls, Sparta, TN into Google maps.  This will provide driving directions, however there is no official address.

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If you’re coming from Nashville, take I-40 East until you get to exit 288 towards Livingston/Sparta, turn right onto TN-111 S. From there you’ll follow Hickory Valley Rd. and Lost Creek Rd. to get to White’s Cave Rd. It will feel like you’ve been driving forever, winding through country back roads, but it’s really a gorgeous drive. If you’re not looking carefully, you’ll miss your turn into the trail head, so pay close attention to your GPS once you get close. The road you need to turn down is a (very) sharp right and down a hill. Once you’re on the road going down the hill, just keep driving until you reach a gravel parking lot with a trail head sign.

Unlike most of the waterfalls in Tennessee, this one is a short, easy walk to get to. This makes it absolutely ideal for taking small kids along. The walk is not difficult, and it’s only about 0.2 of a mile, but you will need to be prepared with good shoes because it can get slippery, especially if it’s rained recently. The trail is marked and you will actually be able to hear the waterfall as soon as you start down the trail.

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While the waterfall is the primary destination, the trail is loaded with natural beauty, including tall trees, unusual rock formations, and of course the stunning Lost Creek Cave.  The size of this cave is unbelievable, and is a lot of fun to explore.  Pictures don’t do it justice, not even close.

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If you plan on exploring the deeper sections of the cave, I suggest caving helmets, and headlamps.

Once you see the cave entrance from the trail, you’ll make a left and follow the trail the rest of the way down to the base of the Falls.

While it is a short hike, you will want to allow yourself ample time to play and explore the area.  On my trip I spent half the day playing under the waterfall and climbing around behind it.  There are plenty of places to hang a hammock and relax, or you could enjoy lunch on the surrounding rocks.

This is a perfect summer adventure, as the cool cave air and water are perfect on a hot summer day.

If your looking for a new swimming hole or an incredible adventure, this short hike is just what you need.

Its also worth mentioning: the 1994 Disney classic “The Jungle Book” was filmed in the area.  It might be fun to watch the film before making the trip.