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This Unrivaled Canyon Hike Everyone Should Take At Least Once

It may not be the Grand Canyon in Arizona, but Hickory Canyons in Missouri can still make for a pretty neat day hike. As a bonus, it’s located just 16 miles from Farmington, where you can head after your hike to enjoy a bite to eat and drink in one of Missouri’s most underrated towns.

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Hickory Canyons feature two hiking trails, both of which are relatively easy. The Allen Brohn Memorial Trail is a one-mile loop trail on the north side of Sprott Road.  There is also a short half-mile out and back trail located on the south side of Sprott Road.  Both trails descend into a heavily forested deep ravine featuring sandstone bluffs and rock outcroppings, wet weather creeks and seasonal waterfalls.

This picture is owned by Amanda Bosler

Hickory Canyon Natural Area is a botanically rich area and is home to 541 native vascular plant species and 152 bryophyte, not to mention a gorgeous waterfall.   During the winter months the waterfall freezes over, creating a stunning site.

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On the way to the Canyons, you’ll cross Hickory Creek.  Once you get to the Canyons, you’ll notice the Lamotte sandstone. This sandstone was formed from the sandy beaches of a shallow ocean that existed 500 million years ago.

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The Glacial relics at Hickory Canyons include hay-scented fern, fir clubmoss and winterberry.  This natural area is quite the hidden gem in Missouri. As a matter of fact, some days you’ll find yourself as the only one on the trail, making it that much more enjoyable.

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Ready to take a trip? Once you get to Farmington, go east on Highway 32 to Highway C. Go north about three miles on Highway C and turn left (south) onto Sprott Road (gravel). Head west on Sprott Road for about 1.75 miles until you reach the parking pull-offs for the trailheads.

Looking for Lodging?  Farmington is located just 16 miles away and has several great options available.  For more information on where to stay in the area click here.

After your hike, you can grab a bite to eat at 12 West Bar and Grill in Farmington.

This area is a hotbed for hiking and is loaded with beautiful sites. For more information on attractions in this area click here.




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