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This Swimming Hole Has The Best Natural Waterslide In The Midwest

The Devils Bathtub is one of those magical places, you usually only see in Instagram posts.  However, you too can partake in all the splendor this natural water park has to offer.


This incredible location is made up of a series of waterfalls and pools that formed at the bottom of a beautiful canyon.

Hanna Dyess

This secluded swimming hole was once a local secret, but thanks to social media its become one of the most popular summer destinations in the Midwest.

James Waldecker

With all this natural beauty that should come as no surprise.

Kevin Frank

The bathtub is the most popular spot, and is filled with cool crystal clear water.

This natural water park is surrounded with towering limestone bluffs!

Dan Brooks

The Devils Bathtub is located in Spearfish Canyon, and the hike is an easy one mile round trip, that is surrounded with breathtaking beauty making it one of the best summer destinations in the Midwest.

John Green III

To find Devil’s Bathtub, you’ll start in Spearfish Canyon. Drive up the canyon past Bridal Veil Falls, and turn on Cleopatra Place, which takes you to a parking lot that’s definitely become a lot more crowded now that the secret’s out all over the Internet.

James Waldecker

You can find the exact location, by clicking here.

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