No college degree required! But you have to act fast applications are only accepted through May,13th.

National Park’s jobs across the country have some ambitious nature-lovers rethinking their 9-5’s. Why settle for long days in a cubicle when your work day could lead you down picturesque trails in ancient mountains, or along strips of white sand beaches?

The U.S. Virgin Islands is full of pristine coastline, exotic marine life, and thousands of years of history. And The National Park Service is willing to pay a pretty penny to protect the island’s natural resources.

The listing offers Park Rangers up to $72,970 a year to work on Christiansted National Historic Site on St. Croix Island (salary range of $44,545 – $72,970 per year).

Known as the “Gem of the Caribbean,” this waterfront park spans over seven acres, and is a destination rich with historical and economical significance.

According the the official listing, Park Rangers are expected to “insure the protection and safe use of National park resources.” Hirees would also be expected to “educate, interpret, and inform visitors about resources, conservation, laws, and regulations.”

But a day in the life of a fearless Park Ranger is anything but boring. Job duties would possibly include “field training, emergency medical services, special response, technical rescue, swift water rescue, and helicopter rescue.”

Though relocating to the Virgin Islands may seem daunting, NPS is willing to reimburse relocation expenses, if you qualify. Dreams of waking up to swaying palm trees, and pristine waters could become a reality.

National Parks Service is accepting applications for this full-time, permanent position until May, 13 2022 (or until the maximum of applications is reached), but it is important to note you must be over 21, and a U.S Citizen to be considered.

Interested in this amazing opportunity? You can apply by clicking here.  More information, can also be found by clicking here.