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Start Your Day With Alpine Start Instant Coffee

Just recently I was approached by an energy drink company wanting to be featured on my page. At first I was pretty excited, to have my brand associated with such a large and mainstream company.  I thought having energy is exactly what one would need to complete the adventures we feature on our page. But after doing some research, I learned that, there are several health risks associated with energy drinks. With some consideration, I decided to pass on this opportunity. Still this raised the question, what is the best way to get energized while on adventure? I did some more research and found that there are several health benefits associated with drinking a daily cup of coffee.  Even still I wasn’t sure.  My primary concern was brewing.  Often when camping or backpacking, it just isn’t practical. After an online search I came across a small company from Boulder Colorado called Alpine Start.  There promise was simple, Instant Coffee That Actually Tastes Good.

I decided to give them a try, to see if they delivered what they promised.  Upon looking into the history of the company, I found that it was created by an avid rock climber.  The company was born out of a desire to make a great tasting, affordable instant coffee that you can take outside or on the go.

I decided to try 3 different flavors, the Original Blend, The Coconut Creamer Latte, and the Dirty Chai Latte.  These were offered in a bundle at a discounted price for buying all three.


Brewing:   The brewing process was really simple, open packet, pour into vessel, add water. Done! It doesn’t get much easier than that. You don’t even have to heat the water up first.

Taste:  When compared to freshly brewed coffee, it really doesn’t measure up.  However when instant coffee is your only option, it sure can taste good on a cool September morning.  I tried all three flavors with both cold and warm water, and prefer it brewed with cold water more than warm.    The Original Blend was my favorite of the 3, however this is just personal preference.

Likes:  There are several things I liked about Alpine Start, first the customer service i received was exceptional.  I ordered the coffee over a holiday weekend, so a delayed response would of been totally acceptable.  To my suprise the company emailed me back the very next day, and the product arrived just a couple days later.  Second the packets are so small, a box of 8 of these packets will only weigh you down 1.56 ounces and that includes the box!  When backpacking, every ounce counts.  Lastly, all three blends are dairy free, and feature 100% high altitude arabica beans.

Dislikes:  Really none,  the flavor wasn’t great, but it was more than acceptable.

Alpine Start is a term used by mountaineers, to describe beginning a climb before the sunrise. Alpine Start is also a nice option for anyone looking for a  good cup of coffee that’s easy to brew.

For more information on Alpine Start visit their website by clicking here.

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  1. not a fan of instant coffee but I do see the benefits on the tral

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