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Spook Cave Campground

Located just west of McGregor, lies the Spook Cave Campground. This scenic campground has been providing cave tours since 1955, and remains a popular destination for tourists today.
The campground has 95 sites, 90 of which have electric, water, and sewer hookups, and each site is furnished with a picnic table and fire ring. From the 90 foot high towering bluffs, to the refreshing sound of Beulah Falls pouring out of the cliff side , the campground is surrounded with natural beauty. Making this a perfect location for a relaxing get-away. Open May through October.
This unique campground also rents some of the most charming cabins in the entire state. Imagine after a long day of family fun, coming home to a beautiful log cabin overlooking the lake.  With 8 different cabins to choose from, your sure to find one that’s perfect for your families needs.

Looking for a little excitement on your trip? Look no further. Spook Cave Campgrounds has a wide range of family activities. Some of the highlights include, relaxing/swimming at the beach, fishing, hiking, and don’t forget the cave tours! There is also a game room, volleyball courts,and a playground.   While camping at the Spook Cave, your only minutes away from the Mississippi River, and Pikes Peak State Park.

The campground has several fun events planned for the 2022 season, a Mother’s day craft event, a Father’s Day Bigfoot scavenger hunt, live music in the park, trick or treating, and there big end of season bash with live music, fireworks, a parade, bonfires, trail rides and lots of bacon.

Whether your looking for a little Adventure, or just a relaxing weekend away, Spook Cave Campground has exactly what your looking for.

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  1. Brandon

    Cabins look cool

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    Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful post. Thanks for the info on the cave tours!

    • marklongmainstream

      Thanks Edward, this place is very cool. Im taking my family for a cave tour in a few weeks.

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    The boat tour sounds fun and you pictures are great

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      Thank you, Im taking my kids for the boat tour very soon cant wait

  6. home business leads

    Remarkable! I need to check this campground out

  7. Beth

    This is a beautiful campground!

  8. Lowell

    We had a hard time getting a reservation, but once we arrived it was a great camping trip.

  9. Jean

    Nice cave and beautiful grounds!

  10. Riley

    I need to visit here.

  11. Mac

    Took my first ever cave tour. It was a nice break from the summer heat. Lovely campgrounds too.

  12. Judy

    Great well kept campground with beautiful cabins. The cave tour was a bit to much for me but the rest of our stay was perfect. We will be back next summer, thanks for the recommendation.

  13. Holly

    This is seriously one of the best campgrounds we have ever stayed at. The cave tour was a nice break from the summer sun. There is a nice lake to swim in, a small waterfall on the side of a cliff, and even a park for the kids to burn some energy. We will be back next summer to do this again.

  14. Jil

    We had my son’s birthday party last weekend here the cabin was beautiful and the kids loved the boat tour. Thanks for the recommendation!

  15. Paul

    This is a beautiful campground, and the area is rich with activities. We try and visit every summer but this year it just didn’t happen, hopefully next year.

  16. Britney

    The spook cave was great, my son was a little worried about the alligators but it was a very nice tour, thank you for sending us here.

  17. Randell

    This place looks great.

  18. Blair

    We finally got to stay here! The cabin was great and had everything we needed. The whole area is perfect for a weekend get away. McGregor is a town I could fall in love with, and the views from Pikes Peak are amazing. Thank you for turning our attention in this direction, we will be back.

  19. Elaine

    This seems like a fun area, are the cabins available year round?

  20. Monty

    We tried to stay here, but it was all booked up, ended up staying at pikes peak park instead. The is a great town with lots to see and do in the area.

  21. Kris

    This is a great campground, lots of activities a general store a waterfall a beach and the cave tour. We visit every year and love it!

  22. Michael

    You need to make a list of the best camping sites in Iowa.Spook cave deserves to be on that list. Nice place thanks for sharing.

  23. Matt

    This is a fun campground, they always have something going on for the kids, The grounds are clean and well maintained. We never did the cave tour as the line was to long but the campgrond was superb!

  24. Bernard

    I know the campground closes in the winter months, but are cabin rentals still available?

  25. Faith

    The cabins look great!

  26. Carmen

    We Didnt make it up this year, hopefully next summer!

  27. Ariana

    This place is beautiful, are cabins available all year round or just during camping season?

  28. Christian

    Those cabins look great!

  29. Dewayne

    We always camp at pikes peak,but we need to visit the spook cave again looks very nice.

  30. John

    We have tried to get a cabin here twice, and its been booked up both times. Hopefully this summer.

  31. Travis

    The whole area is full of sun shit to do, boat tours pikes peak the spook cave some buried mounds and a fun bike trail.