Pickle Springs is a 180-acre natural area that is registered as a National Natural Landmark. This hidden gem is one of Missouri’s best kept secrets, and is located just 13 miles from Farmington. Pickle Springs is located on Dorlac Rd, in New Offenburg, Missouri. For more information, click here.

The park is known for its unusual rock formations, wet weather waterfalls, spectacular canyons, and wide range of plant species. Pickle Springs is without a doubt one of the most diverse natural areas in Missouri.

Some of the interesting geological features include a natural double bridge that holds up a shelf of sandstone, narrow slot canyons, giant sandstone blocks, (known as Hoodoo’s) and of course Pickle Springs flowing out of a sandstone wall. Not only is the park known for its unique geology found throughout. The natural area is also home to more than 250 species of vascular plants, including many rare species that are considered relics.

.With so much to see and explore in the area, it’s no wonder that Pickle Springs is often referred to as a geological wonderland. From the scenic waterfalls to the breathtaking views, to the mysterious rock formations found within, it’s easy to see that Pickle Springs is unlike any other natural area in Missouri.

 Lodging: Shepherd Mountain Inn is located nearby and offers fantastic lodging options. For more information, click here.

Don’t Miss: The Trail Through Time is the most popular attraction at Pickle Springs. This 2 mile long hiking trail will provide you with an unforgettable trek past ancient rock formations. For this hike I would plan to spend about two hours on the trail, to fully explore this gorgeous park.

Best Time:  My favorite time to visit is right after a good rainfall, the park really seems come alive, and the waterfalls will be at full strength.

Logistics:  From the junction of Highways 32 and W in Farmington, travel east on Highway 32 for 5 miles, then turn right (east) on Highway AA. Follow Highway AA east for 1.7 miles to Dorlac Road (gravel). Turn left (north) onto Dorlac Road and drive 0.4 mile to the parking lot on the right (east) side.

Pit Stop:  After a day of exploring stop into 12 West in nearby Farmington (just 7 miles away) for a delicious meal!

Extended Play:  Stay for the weekend and visit Hawn State Park, located just  11 miles away.  Hawn State Park has an excellent campground, or you can get a room at Shepherd Mountain Inn.

Travel Smart:  Whenever venturing into the great outdoors, I always pack sunscreen, bug spray, snacks and drinking water.  Remember to check weather conditions before heading out and always let someone know where you plan on hiking.