When You Constantly Push Your Limits You Will Never Reach Them

Feel the Rush at Skydive Iowa

Located in Brooklyn, Skydive Iowa is one of the only skydive airports that is skydiver owned. Because of this they are uniquely able to cater to everyone from the first time jumper to the highly experienced skydiver. Being able to give their customers a much more personalized skydive experience is why they are known as Iowa’s premier skydive destination.

Skydive Iowa was founded in 1991, with the concept of creating a facility that will meet the needs of today’s skydiver. By owning the airport, the staff at Skydive Iowa can really cater to the customers needs. Its because of this great service that so many divers return again and again.
Skydive Iowa is a recognized member of the United States Parachute Association, with an impressive safety record. All staff members are properly licensed with the USPA, and are some of the most experienced instructors in the industry. With an amazing staff and state of the art equipment, you are sure to have an amazing Adventure to tell your friends for years to come.

At Skydive Iowa its not just about getting you in the plane, making the jump and sending you home. What sets them apart from some of the other skydive companies, is a family type atmosphere, its quite common at the end of the day to get together with everyone who jumped, and grill up a delicious meal, or sit around a bon-fire and share stories. Its reasons like this, that so many have decided to join the Skydive Iowa family.

Just about everyone has skydiving on their bucket list, and there is no better time then now, and no better place then Skydive Iowa. So call and make a reservation today, this is one summer Adventure you will never forget.

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  1. Jen

    I have always wanted to sky dive!

  2. Hunter

    This would be so awesome, on my bucket list for sure.

  3. Mary

    Why would you jump out of a perfectly good plane? For real!

  4. Dom

    Beautiful pics

  5. Paulie

    Noway in hell could i jump out of a plane.