As you can tell by the cold weather, winter is almost upon us.  When the cold weather hits, all to often Adventure comes to a halt.  With that said I thought it was a good time to compile a list of some of the Midwest’s best winter adventures.  These activities are guaranteed to get the blood pumping, and give you the sense of Adventure you desire.

Visit Climb Iowa:

Escape the cold weather  with a trip to Climb Iowa, This indoor(Climate Controlled) climbing facility is located only 5 miles from Des Moines. With more then 10,000 square feet of climbing space and over 200 different routes, a fitness room, and a yoga studio, There is literally something for everyone, regardless of skill level. Climb Iowa offers day passes and monthly memberships. For more info call 515-986-2565

Kayak The Crystal City Underground:

In 2013 Marsan Canoe and Kayak Tours began offering one of the most amazing float trips available today. This experience is so rare, that I could not find any comparable trip in the entire United States. All tours are run by expert guides of great personality, who do an outstanding job both guiding the tour and providing an interesting/entertaining history of the mine.  Reservations can be made by calling: 636-208-5054

Visit Seven Oaks Recreation:

Seven Oaks is a great location year round for adventure, but in the winter months it turns into one of the states best ski resorts.   Offering guests a wide range of fun activities including, skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing.  The slopes consist of 11 runs, from beginner to expert, so no matter your skill level, your sure to find what your looking for at Seven Oaks. The ski resort also has a terrain park, rail yard, and a beginner area. For more information call 515 432-9457

Visit The Louisville Mega Cavern:

The Mega Cavern offers two amazing tours, the first tour is called Mega Zip, which is a 2 ½ hour guided Adventure, that takes you into never before seen sections of the Cavern. This tour features six underground zip lines, which includes a dual racing line which is over 900 feet long,a bunny zip, a Zip to Hell, the Cross Canyon Zip, and the Lake Canyon Zip, as well as two amazing challenge bridges. If you’re looking for an Adventure that will get your adrenaline pumping, the Mega Zip is the trip for you.  If your looking for a more relaxing Adventure, then check out the Mega Tram. This one hour tour takes you through many of the man made passages lurking beneath the city of Louisville. This tour gives seniors, children, and the physically impaired an amazing opportunity, for a little Adventure of their own all from the comfort of the Mega Tram.  For more information call (877) 614-6342

Learn How To Scuba Dive:

At Matt Leyden’s Dive Shop you can enjoy scuba diving in the middle of winter. Mastering a new skill is always a great way to spend the winter months, just think by spring time you could be a certified scuba diver! Classes are offered year round, and are taught by some of most experienced dive masters in the state. Matt Leyden’s Dive Shop is located in Clive, and offers classes all over the Des Moines area. For more information or to register for a class call 515-777-2751

Spend the Night in a Treehouse:

One weekend at Branson Treehouse Adventures, and you will never want to leave.  These charming log cabins very in size and style, so whether you’re looking for a great location for your next family reunion,  an amazing vacation destination , or just a romantic get away with that special someone you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for at Branson Treehouse Adventures.  For more information call 800-338-2504

Tour A Show Cave:

Talking Rocks Cavern has been referred to as Missouri’s Most Beautiful Cave! Which is quite an honor considering there are over 7,300 known caves in the state.  However just one peek inside and it’s easy to see why it has earned this prestigious nickname.  Cave tours consists of an hour long walk taking visitors on a breathtaking vertical descent into a subterranean wonderland.  For more information call 417-272-3366.

Spend The Night In a Cabin:

Bear Creek Cabins is a perfect location to spend winter break, and is also a popular location for many families during the holidays.  Words really can not do this place justice, a trip to Bear Creek is like taking a trip back in time.  The cabins are situated between the number 1 and number 2 ranked trout streams in the state, and offer breathtaking views year round.  I can’t think of a better location to get snowed in, then Bear Creek Cabins. They are several cabins of all different sizes available, so bring the whole family. For more information call 563-546-7722

Take  A Haunted Tour Of The Raven’s Grin Inn:

Conveniently nestled at the end of a dark, dead in road sitting on a cliff across from a cemetery,  lies the Raven’s Grin Inn!  Just the site of the building is enough to gives visitors chills.  The front of the old Victorian home is covered in gnarled tree limbs, a large metal skull anchors one end, half of a taxi cab hangs off the other. There is also a  mannequin firing the machine gun and the miniature steel tank. That’s just the outside.  Inside the house, gets even creepier. There is a labyrinth of twists and turns that would be easy to get lost in.  One of the passages was dug through the hard stone ground by the owner/tour guide. Another was constructed from old doors.   There is also a hidden slide that drops down into the wine cellar.  For more information call (815)244-4746