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Chimney Rock Campground and Canoe Rental


 Chimney Rock is easily one of the most beautiful campgrounds in Iowa, and possibly the entire mid-west. Located in Cresco, Iowa, just 15 minutes north of Decorah. Featuring, 7 gorgeous cabins, as well as 30 campsites with electrical hook-ups, and 20+ primitive sites This small campground offers a relaxing, rustic country atmosphere.  In 2015 Chimney Rock was 1 of only 12 locations in Iowa chosen to be featured in an infomercial sponsored by Iowa tourism.  In 2016 the campground was listed in the Des Moines Register as 1 of the top 100 things to do in Iowa.

Looking for a little Adventure? Look no further, National Geographic’s Adventure Magazine has recognized canoeing the Upper Iowa River as one of the top 100 Adventures in the United States.

Kayaking the Upper Iowa

 This is the only location in the Midwest where you can float down river past 200 foot high bluffs. Take it from someone who loves to kayak, floating is one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy a day. Chimney Rock Campground, rents canoes, kayaks, and tubes for all your floating needs.

A hunting and fishing paradise. The campground is surrounded with both public and private hunting grounds, the area is a great place for deer, turkey and pheasant hunting. And just a short distance from cold water trout stream. The area has also been described as a “hot-spot” for both bass and trout fishing.

For the 2018 season, Chimney Rock campground, has 2 fun events planned. For the 4th of July weekend, they are planning karaoke night, a movie night, a midnight canoe trip, a hog roast with live entertainment, and of course fireworks!! (these activities are planned for July 7-9th) The second event is September 30th, and is the 17th annual Upper Iowa River clean up. Volunteers will be served a free breakfast, lunch, and have the opportunity to win several door prizes.(Canoes, and transportation will be  provided for this event)

Chimney Rock, is the perfect location for family fun. The campground has shower facilities, a sand volleyball court, a swimming area, kayak and canoe rentals, a picnic pavilion, a playground, and a newly expanded Rec room with video games and a pool table. A weekend at Chimney Rock, is sure to create memories your family will cherish forever.

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    • marklongmainstream

      Thanks Frank, Chimney Rock is one of a kind

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    Excellent blog, a friend shared your page with me, finally a site that features midwest adventures. sick of hearing all the big west coast adventures hikes. midwest has plenty of great hikes right here

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      Yes the Mid-west is loaded with great Adventures. Thanks for reading

  4. Paul BlackBrun

    Looks like a great place

  5. Paul

    We had a blast canoeing the upper iowa and the campground was great to. Dude!I think I’m addicted to your site. We have visited every adventure on here except Missouri and Wisconsin. We just ran out of summer. Next year we will finish the list. I love all the hi quality content on here. Can’t wait to see where you send us next. Keep expanding man. The more adventures you share with me the more i get to travel.

  6. Maggie

    This looks so beautiful, I have to visit. Thanks

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    This place is beautiful!

    • marklongmainstream

      Yes it is. We are going back in July!

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    This is my favorite campground in Iowa Debbie always does a great job keeping the place in order. Looking forward to visiting very soon.

  9. Eve

    Just beautiful!

  10. Wendy

    We are adding Chimney Rock Campground to our summer bucket list. The campground is so beautiful!

  11. Dan

    are these cabins available for rent in the winter as well?

  12. linda

    Iowa seems to be loaded with great camping locations. This is so pretty.

  13. Ernie

    Been looking for a nice place to camp, this looks awesome! Very cool.

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    Wow this does not look like iowa were is the corn field?

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    I spent most of my summers here. Brings back a lot of memories.

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    we are visiting in 2 weeks, hopefully the river is down a bit so we can kayak.

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    Great place to spend the summer.

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    Beautiful campground and a great float trip!

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    Do these cabins come with sheets on the beds, dishes pots pans etc? We would love to visit but I need more info. Thanks

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    I have been planning to canoe this river for years and something always comes up. Hopefully i still have time later this year, looks so beautiful.

  24. Ida

    This was quite different then I expected, and at first I was not impressed. But by the time we left the campgrounds had grown on me and I did not want to leave. This place is a beautiful escape from the day to day grind. Perfect to just sit in a lawn chair and watch the clouds roll by. Very peaceful, also the sunrise every morning coming up over the bluffs was something to behold. We will be back next summer, hopefully in the same cabin.

  25. Amanda

    This is a lovely campground, we had a very nice stay. Best part about it, its never crowded. Its diffently one of our favorites.

  26. Julia

    The campground was great very secluded and we almost had the whole place to ourselves. But the bestpart of our trip was the lack of phone service. This allowed our son to disconnect for a few days and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Thanks for a wonderful time we will be back next summer!

  27. Melissa Gilhooly

    I would like to rent a cabin there prior to the weekend. I have my own kayaks but was wondering if there is a place that will take us to a place on river so we don’t need two vehicles to unload kayaks then another to go back and get other vehicle after our kayak adventure?

    • marklongmainstream

      Hi Melissa,

      You can launch right from your campsite/cabin. Chimney Rock has a shuttle service to get you to and from. Or they can take you to your car. They are very accommodating and easy to work with. Just let them know, and i’m sure they will help you out.

  28. Hope

    Yhis place is everybit as nice as advertised. We will be back next summer.

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    Hello, Neat post. I need to get to Chimeny Rock, our noraml campground is getting to crowded. Need to find a place to get away from everyone, I will be planning a trip in the spring for sure. Thanks

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    This place to truely out in the middle of nowhere. I love it. Great place to escape from it all.

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    Hello. This campground looks so pretty, we have been thinking about a trip for spring break. Do you think the water will be to high in mid March to kayak this stretch of river? We would love to bring the RV up and stay for a few days. Thanks.

  33. Ashley

    Camped here during our honeymoon, it rained the whole weekend and as a result i ended up pregnant! Good times!

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    I bet this place is flooded.

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    Possibly my favorite midwest campground. Well maintained and full of old world charm.

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  43. Joshua D. Farrell

    My crew of good friends have been coming up for our now “Annual Canoe Trip” for years and I now have 2 kids and hope to carry on the yearly tradition not only with my old gang of friends but also my family as well! It is so amazing from the Camp Grounds, to the Scenery, the People, the Water, the amenities available, the rental Cabins that you have, ect.. ect.. Ect! Thank You for all the Awesome Memories and may they continue on! 👍🤘✌️