Visit Indiana Caverns, a family-friendly adventure park including Cave Tours, Bat Chaser, The Plunge, Escape Rooms, Gemstone Mining, and more! Located near Corydon, Indiana in Southern Indiana just 5 miles south of I-64. The address is 1267 Green Acres Dr SW, in Corydon, Indiana. For more information, click here.

The main attraction at Indiana Caverns is no doubt the incredible cave tours! Cave tours are an excellent all weather activity. These are perfect activities to keep your adventures going all winter long, and even on rainy or incredibly hot days. The cave has a year round temp of 56 degrees. Tours last about 80 minutes, and are available to anyone who can walk. For pricing information, click here.

The more adventurous members of your group may enjoy the Deep Darkness tour. Ready to take on an epic cave exploring adventure? On the Deep Darkness adventure, you will descend into darkness, climb, crawl, and splash your way through the underground stream. Continue upstream on a kayak. Experience 4 hours of underground challenge in Indiana’s longest cave system. To learn more about this tour, click here.

Outside the cave is the Bat Chaser. The Bat Chaser combines zip lining and a steel rail coaster in a family-friendly experience. Our suspended, single rail zip coaster soars through treetops and over the rolling surface of southern Indiana’s cave country. The thrill is somewhat like hang gliding or riding in an underslung, gravity-powered coaster. The Bat Chaser is the second ride of its kind in the United States and first in the Midwest.

The Plunge, a 50-foot quick drop experience will have you pumping with adrenaline and excitement. Plummet before safely coming to a rest on your feet. The unique system of the Plunge safely allows you the maximum thrill of a free fall without the recoil of a bungee by using a controlled descent.

Another popular attraction at Indiana Caverns is the Escape The Cave Escape Room. These are a ton of fun, and there are two different challenges to choose from. 1,000 Feet Down and The Lost Temple. For more information on these two attractions, click here.

Lastly, there is the Pygmy Playground. Come meet the new baby pygmy goats at Indiana Caverns!  Buck, Oreo, Bambi, Chip, and  Badger are settling into their new home.  You can meet and feed them! Your kids will love our “kids.” As they grow up, a playground will be created so the goats can climb and explore among the trees of their enclosure.

As far as variety goes, this is one of the top attractions in the Midwest. If your looking for more great family activities, click here. Pictures used in this article are the property of Indiana Caverns.