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This Incredible State Park That You Need To See To Believe

This incredible State Park was one of the first in Iowa, dedicated all the way back in 1920.  100 years later Backbone State Park is still one of Iowa’s most popular.

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There are many reasons Backbone is one of Iowa’s most beloved parks.  But more than anything, its the many diverse activities you can enjoy within the park that keeps people coming back year after year.

Backbone State Park

The well maintained hiking trails are rugged and winding, and cover more than 20 miles of Iowa’s most scenic country.  The most popular is the Backkbone trail this loop trail follows a tall narrow ridge line along the inside bend of the river with several overlooks into the valley below.

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Backbone State Park is also one of the only parks in Iowa that allows rock climbing! Climbers and rappellers will find many challenges at Backbone with its cliffs of rugged dolomite limestone throughout the park. With the most popular climbing spots are located near the popular Backbone Trail.

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Anglers know Backbone for its exceptional trout fishing.  The cold, clear, quick flowing stream is few by Richmond Springs, which pumps more than 2,000 gallons per minute and is located near the north end of the park. A variety of shady and universally accessible trails (portions paved) are available for enthusiastic anglers looking for their “secret spot.” Lake fishing is also available, however only electric trolling motors are allowed on the lake.  The lake is well stocked with bass, catfish, and bluegill.

Backbone State Park

Cyclists are also know to frequent the park, as the Northeast State Park Bike Route is a 130 mile route which connects Backbone State Park, Wapsipinicon State Park, and Pikes Peak State Park utilizing county highways.

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With so much to see and do Backbone is a great vacation destination and has several overnight accommodation options, including campsites, within two campgrounds, and 16 different modern cabins to reserve. A boathouse for renting boats and a swimming beach as well as a concession stand are all located near the southeast end of the lake.

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Backbone State Park is located at 1347 129th St, Dundee, IA 52038

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  1. Erica Lynn

    We love backbone we stay in the cabins every fall

  2. Brad

    I haven’t been in about 10 years but I remember this park being huge with a nice beach.