There are so many reasons to visit Lake Tahoe.  Many come to partake in the world class fishing, others for the breathtaking scenery.  Whatever your reason may be, Lake Tahoe is an excellent vacation destination! For more information, or to begin planning your trip click here.

When most people think of Nevada they think of the desert, or Las Vegas.  What most people don’t think about is that Nevada is home to one of the most beautiful lakes on Earth.

This incredible natural attraction combines, beautiful blue water with stunning mountain scenery.

On top of the stunning beauty, the area is also a hotbed for adventure enthusiasts.

Clearly Tahoe is a kayak adventure tour company that uses glass bottom kayaks to explore the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe. The clear kayaks are a great way to explore these jaw dropping waters.

Another popular adventure on the lake is Hang Gliding Tahoe.  This is a once in a lifetime type of adventure, you will never forget!  Hang Gliding Tahoe is an incredible way to see this  gorgeous lake in a way very few people ever will.

If for some crazy reason you get tired of water sports, there are several great hiking trails in the area as well.  One of the most famous is the hike to Monkey Rock.  The Tunnel Creek Trail is a 4.5 mile out and back trail located near incline village.  The trail offers some breathtaking views, and takes you up close to one of the most unusual rock formations you will ever see.

This picture is owned by Jason Dameal

If your looking for a unique place to stay, Famous Cabins, is the place for you. The Famous Cabin has been hosting vacationers  for years, and is located in one of Tahoe’s best locations.

For more information, or to begin planning your trip click here.