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Paddle To This Incredible Sand Cave At The Bottom Of The Grand Canyon In Arizona

Arizona is one of those states, that’s packed full of Amazing locations.  You could spend your entire life exploring this beautiful state.  While their are numerous well known destinations, that people from around the globe frequent.  This article will be focusing on one of its hidden gems.

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Redwall Cavern is a massive sand cave hidden at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  It’s been said the cave can hold upwards of 50,000 people.

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The United States is loaded with amazing caves, but this one is special.  One of the things that makes it so special, is the journey it takes to reach the cave.  Redwall Cavern is only accessible via a paddling trip on the Colorado River.

While some may consider that to be to much work, for others it just adds to the adventure!

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The giant cave is located at mile 33 on the Colorado River, which is an area frequented by most rafting trips.

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The walls of the cavern are limestone, and feature numerous fossils embedded in its walls.

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On the outside the cavern may look tiny in size, its not until you venture inside that you realize how massive it is.

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Even if your not a caving enthusiast, the views outside the cave looking upstream are worth stopping for.

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Touch football and soccer are also popular activities visitors enjoy inside the cave. So if your up for an adventure, this is one bucket list worthy destination you need to see to believe. Redwall Cavern is one of those places that pictures simply cannot do justice! This adventure is one of the most underrated destinations in the Grand Canyon area. To begin planning your trip, click here.

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