Trukee’s Cabins and Canoe Rentals is providing a one of a kind float trip experience on the beautiful 11 Point River in Arkansas. Trukee’s is located at 7060 US-62, in Pocahontas, Arkansas. For more information or to book your next adventure, click here.

The section of river surrounding Pocahontas is perfect for float trips. There is just enough current to keep you moving but not so much that it becomes dangerous. This is a trip the whole family can enjoy.

My favorite part of kayaking here, was the lack of traffic on the river. So often on rivers like this, there are hundreds of other people out fishing, boating, or enjoying the float trip. During my trip, I was the only one on the river. This was a welcomed change from my trips on the Current and Meramec Rivers.

Trukee’s is currently offering 4 different float trips. So they have something for everyone! The first trip is the Cruiser, this is a 4 mile float that takes between two and four hours! The second is the Day Trip, this is a 10 mile float and takes 5-7 hours.

The more experienced kayaker may enjoy the Long Haul which is a 14 mile float trip that takes between 8-10 hours. For those wanting to test their limits and spend the entire day on the river, they offer the Long Haul Plus, this is a 20 mile trip that last 9 to 11 hours!

With such a beautiful setting and so much adventure to be enjoyed, I suggest booking on of the cabins or even a campsite and staying for a few days. The cabins are first class all the way and the primitive campground is perfect for those who enjoy the great outdoors. My personal favorite cabins are the Hilltop Luxe Cabin and The Shanty. If you are staying in one of the cabins or at the RV Park, Trukees will pick you up at your rental and let you float back! This is a super cool feature, that you don’t find every where.

Planning a date night? Trukee’s currently offers a date night special, that includes dinner and a float trip. They provide full shuttle service. They also have a private beach and pavilion that is available for rent. Just imagine a Saturday with your own private beach!

All an all I really can’t say enough good things about Trukee’s. This is a top notch destination every way you look at it. From the cabins to the float trips, to the customer service and the clean grounds. Everything you could hope for is right here at Trukees.

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