Blue Spring Caverns has long been home to a gorgeous cave, and for years guests have enjoyed exploring America’s longest underground river. Blue Springs Caverns is located at 1459 Blue Spring Caverns Road in Bedford, Indiana. For more information, click here.

A visit to Bluespring Caverns will bring you, first of all, to the park above the Caverns. You can mine for gems in the gemstone mining sluice, hike the trails, enjoy a picnic lunch and explore an underground world of wonders on the guided boat tour. Bluespring Caverns is a natural wonder. The hour-long boat tour allows you to explore and experience the majestic underground. Passages and water-courses are illuminated by the pocket of light that follows your tour boat through darkness.

The newest option at Bluespring Caverns is a high adventure guided tour by kayak into downstream Myst’ry River as it flows toward its eventual rise to the surface. Small groups of 4 to 8 are led by two experienced staff interpreters aboard specially-selected kayaks on this unique trip.

As you explore, paddling through high, wide, narrow and lower passages, you will pass by dripstone formations large and small. In the usually clear waters, an occasional blind cavefish or crayfish will appear. Kayak trips of approximately three hours pass quickly as you explore two miles round trip of this pristine waterway.

Looking for more adventure? There is also an Overnight Adventure you can partake. Explore America’s longest underground river by boat. Walk, crawl and climb through an undeveloped part of the caverns (not seen on the regular tours). Experience camping overnight 100 feet underground in Canyon Hall, high above the hidden banks of Myst’ry River.

All tours are fun, affordable, safe, and ran by expert guides!

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