Hiking in Colorado is a must year round, but come summertime, it is even better with warm temperatures and ever-scenic trails. Do you want to know another plus of Colorado summertime hikes? You can work up a sweat AND cool off, as a handful of hikes lead to epic swimming holes. If you are ready to take the plunge and are searching for the best swimming hole hike in Colorado, grab your towel and head to this refreshing trail.

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Located a mere hour from Colorado Springs near the small town of Florrisant is that of Paradise Cove and the short and sweet trail that leads there.

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Spanning one mile (out-and-back), the moderate Paradise Cove Swimming Hole Trail is considered to be the most beautiful hike in the area, thanks to its many trees, rocky cliffs, and — depending on the time of year — wildflowers.

While this scenic trail would be enough by itself, it’s what you’ll discover at the end of the trail that makes it so memorable.

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Arguably the most beautiful swimming hole in Colorado, Paradise Cove is a deep pool and waterfall that is surrounded by rugged cliffs, giving visitors an opportunity to dive at various heights.

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As per the Bureau of Land Management, overnight camping, alcohol, fires, amplified music, and off-leash pets are not permitted in Paradise Cove (which is also known as Guffey Gorge), so please keep this in mind while you visit the area.

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Please note: There is no permit needed to visit the area; however, between May 15th and September 30th, there is a $6.00 per vehicle per day fee that can be purchased on site.

Address: 13999 Main Street, Guffey, CO 80820