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Kayaking This Majestic River Will Satisfy Your Sense Of Adventure

The current river is one of the most beautiful water trails in the Midwest.  With crystal clear water, towering bluffs, and several caves right on the water.

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But its not just the spectacular views that make this float trip special.  Its also the rich history of the area. During your float trip you will pass several points of historical interest, including an old school house from the 1800’s. There is also two abandoned cabins. The Howell-Maggard Cabin built in the early 1800’s, which has ties to the legendary Jesse James.  The other cabin is below Pulltite Springs, and was built in the French style in which the logs are placed upright so as not to have to notch them.  This cabin was finished in 1913, and is still open for exploration today.

The Current River is spring fed and moves through stunning Ozark landscapes, with bluffs ranging in height from 12 feet to 200 feet. The water has a constant year round temperature of 58 degrees.  Which makes it one of only a few places, you can kayak in the middle of winter.

This picture is owned by Christina Ward

On the International Scale of River Difficulty, the Current River ranks as a Class 1 river, the easiest and safest rank. It is enjoyable for both beginners and experts. A float trip on the Current River is an experience you won’t forget.

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Don’t Miss:  Allow yourself extra time to explore the area.  There are several hidden caves in the area, multiple fresh water springs, and even the ruins of an abandoned hospital hidden behind Welch Springs.

Logistic’s:  The Current River forms in the southeastern portion of the Ozarks of Missouri and flows southeasterly out of the Ozarks into northeastern Arkansas.  There are several great options to access the river.   The most scenic section, stretches from Cedar Grove to Round Springs, about 29 miles.

Best Time:  This is a great place to spend a hot summer day.  There are several springs to cool off in and the 58 degree water is especially refreshing on a hot day.

This picture is owned by Christina Ward

Pit Stop: Pack a picnic and take a break at  Medlock Springs.  The area  is  beautiful and features a cave and a gorgeous spring on the hillside.

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Extended Play:  There are four named caves along the river, and five more hidden ones.  To add to your adventure try finding all nine.

Travel Smart:    Any time on the water, can be dangerous if you do not plan your trip properly.  Be sure to plan a start and finish time and location.  Share your plans with others.  This way others will know where to begin looking if you do not arrive as planned.  Pack life jackets, water and snacks.  There are several outfitters in the area that provide kayak rentals as well as shuttle service.  I highly suggest using one of these companies to help your trip run smoothly.


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      This river is very clear u less it has rained alot! And it is very cold…lol but once in it feels wonderful! Won’t be disappointed if you ever make the trip! Cedar grove to Akers and Akers to Pulltite are my favorite floats! They have rafts to float on now as well!

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