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The Best Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Best Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

By Neil Stawski

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Finding the perfect present for everyone on your list is a fun challenge, but it can be a little overwhelming.  With the inundation of commercials, printed material and emails, you may feel that wading through catalogues and websites is getting to be a little too much.  If shopping for the outdoor enthusiast on your list feels like more of an adventure than you bargained for, these great suggestions will help.   




Decent lighting means not only more comfortable outings but also better safety.  These suggestions give your loved one better visibility and lower risk.


  • Backpack lantern.  Recommended by the experts at Field and Stream, the Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Backpack Lantern is a compact LED with intuitive controls and magnetic fastener.  Useful on the trails, on the campground or even at home, users enjoy a candle-like glow that is convenient and versatile.  Available in a few different colors from   
  • Headlamp.  An LED Headlamp allows users hands-free action when lighting is poor.  The Northbound Train LED Headlamp Flashlight and Case is waterproof and includes white, red, and strobe options along with a dimmer.  Available from
  • Flashlight.  No outdoor enthusiast’s toolkit is complete without a good flashlight or two.  The Pioneer Woman recommends Surefire LED Flashlights, which are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes from  




The ability to light a fire can mean life or death in some circumstances.  Whether your loved one is caught in an unexpected storm, suffers an accident or just likes to enjoy a campfire, the UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit can be a vital addition to the adventure tool chest.  Kit includes a waterproof case, a dozen matches, three strikers and a carry cord.  Available from  




A long-sleeved shirt protects wearers from sun, wind, bugs and branches.  Some experts prefer the Patagonia Cayo Lago Shirt, available in men’s sizing and three colors.  It’s breathable and offers pockets for toting other essentials.  Available from  




Not just any stove, the Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves with Piezo Ignition is tiny, sturdy, versatile and convenient.  Experts note the stove’s tiny flame is powerful enough to boil water in just three and a half minutes.  The stove fits in your backpack, runs off butane and adheres to “Leave No Trace” principles.  Available from  


Dog first aid kit


If your loved one’s furry friend joins in explorations, a first aid kit for Fido is a thoughtful way to show your love and support.  The experts at Redfin note you can assemble your own; add an attractive case for an attractive presentation.  Include essentials such as first-aid gel or spray for pets, buffered aspirin, butterfly bandages and gauze, and tweezers or scissors for removing ticks.  


Tech equipment


In this day and age, even the most rugged, outdoorsy enthusiasts can appreciate the safety and convenience technology offers.  


  • Speaker.  A portable speaker can be handy for camping, cookouts or tailgate parties, so almost anyone would enjoy a Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker.  It’s compact but packs a wallop, generating quality sound from any Bluetooth device but small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.  Available from    
  • Charger.  For those who are out long enough to need a recharge on smartphones, tablets or speakers, the Kodiak Portable Power Bank allows powering up without outlets.  Available from    
  • GoPro Camera.  Whether your outdoor enthusiast wants to record wildlife in its natural habitat or antics of the kids at camp, the GoPro Hero4 Silver offers built-in touch display, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, and has improved camera control with video trimming.  Available from  


At this time of year we’re all flooded with ideas, thoughts and suggestions everywhere we turn.  Use these great gift options to simplify shopping for the outdoor enthusiast in your life.  You’re sure to find the perfect present to make a fun and exciting addition to their gear!


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