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This Short Hike Leads You Straight To An Abandoned Village! (well not really)

Heritage Canyon is a 12-acre wooded structure and nature walk dotted with buildings that take the visitor back to the 1800’s.

Mid-1800’s – 1954: It was a limestone quarry where rock was crushed for field fertilizer, road beds, wing dams and levees. Trucks, trains and river barges hauled it away.

1954 – 1967: The quarry was abandoned in 1954 because dynamiting sound blasts were damaging both sides of the river. The area became an eyesore to the community with its junk and dilapidated shacks.

1967 – 1999: In 1967, Harold and Thelma Wierenga bought the quarry. They converted the machine shop into a usable workshop and then built their home on the site of the old rock crusher. They changed the quarry, keeping two goals in mind: preserve Midwestern history, emphasizing detail and authenticity; and disturb nature as little as possible as each building is added.

1999 – Present: After the passing of Harold Wierenga in January 1999, his daughter and son-in-law maintained the Canyon for several years. However, the volunteer task of maintaining the Canyon was simply too much for the couple. In October 2005, the City of Fulton was given ownership of Heritage Canyon. In October 2007, Thelma Wierenga passed away. A memorial for Harold and Thelma is on display near the entrance into the Canyon.  The Canyon is now maintained by an on-site caretaker, a dedicated Public Works person and the Early American Crafters.

Self-guided walking tours marked by numbered yellow arrows on brick paths will guide you through a pleasant experience.

Free-will donations, except on special event days when a $2.00 admission for adults and children over 14 is requested. Under 14, $1.00 per child. All donations are used for improvement of Heritage Canyon.

The church in the Canyon is available for small weddings. The church seats up to 25 people. Cost to rent the church is $250 (includes a $50 refundable deposit). The Heritage Canyon Chapel can be reserved by contacting the Heritage Canyon caretaker to check for date availability, to get more detailed information and to schedule your wedding event.  Call:  (815) 589-4600.

There are also several events held thru-out the year. Dutch Days in May, Bluegrass Festival in June, Fall Festival in October, and the Christmas Walk in December.

Heritage Canyon is located at 515 North 4th street in Fulton Illinois.  The park is open daily from 9 to 5.

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This Incredible Hike Is A Bucket List Worthy Adventure You Will Never Forget

The United States  has no shortage of breathtaking natural wonders, but one stands out among them all. Havasu Falls, known worldwide for its unparalleled beauty, and has some of the bluest water in the country.


Havasu Falls in Arizona, is one of the most beautiful destinations on Earth, however very few will ever see it.  Of all of America’s waterfalls, Havasu Falls is one of the most difficult to reach.


Aside from the challenging hike, the popular waterfall is located on Havasupai tribal lands, and is one of the most admired waterfalls in the country!   A permit is required and must be obtained for visiting the Havasupai Reservation. Then it’s an eight mile hike from the hiker’s parking lot to Havasupai Village; and another two miles from the village to Havasu Falls.

AllTrails/Andraya Olander

If a 10 mile hike is not your thing, there is a much easier way to get to the falls. For a fee, you can bypass the hike and jump aboard a helicopter that ferries hikers in and out of the canyon.

AllTrails/Peter Major

Once you have arrived, there is no shortage of things to see in this breathtaking oasis.

Havasu Falls is a breathtaking oasis of blue-green water located within the Havasupai tribal lands of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.


The topography is rugged, and includes a 100 foot waterfall, that descends into a series of lagoon like pools, each of which is filled with gorgeous  blue-green water!


The stunning blue-green color is a result of a high concentration of calcium carbonate in the water.


This incredible destination attracts visitors from all over the world, and it’s such a coveted attraction that an entire year’s worth of the required permits often sells out within minutes.

AllTrails/Lily D.

While Havasu Falls is the most popular, waterfall in the area, there are 3 other amazing waterfalls in the area as well!

Romantic Holiday Destinations

Navajo Falls

AllTrails/Lily D.

Mooney Falls

and Beaver Falls

More adventurous hikers choose to keep going beyond Beaver Falls, to the confluence of Havasu Creek and the Colorado River.

Camping is also available for those who have received permits for visiting the Havasupai Reservation. Can you imagine waking up each day to this stunning landscape?

For more information, click here.

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This Stunning Park Is Known For Its Deep Gorges And Spectacular Waterfalls

Wisconsin is well known for having more than its fair share of beautiful state parks.  Devil’s Lake, Governor Dodge and Wyalusing are just a few of the parks that come to mind.  However, there is another park that ranks among the states best.

Jason Paul/Facebook

Ancient lava flows, deep gorges and spectacular waterfalls make Copper Falls State Park one of Wisconsin’s most scenic parks.

Craig E. Photography

The park offers multiple opportunities for a little adventure, there is camping, hiking, bicycling, picnic areas, fishing, and even swimming in Loon Lake.

History buffs will enjoy the log buildings built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s!

Hiking enthusiasts will take delight in the 1.7-mile Doughboy’s Nature Trail. This unique trail leads hikers along the Bad River,  and is one of the best hikes in Wisconsin.

Kim Pfister Photography

Deep gorges, well marked trails, a variety of plants, and an array of wildlife only add to the park’s breathtaking beauty.  The primary attraction at the park however, is the two spectacular waterfalls.

Bobbi L Photography

There are also more than 50 campsites, and even an observation tower overlooking all the gorgeous nature!

Copper Falls State Park is located at 36664 Copper Falls Rd, Mellen, WI

For more information, click here.

The Nest Is Undoubtedly One Of Most Luxurious Tree Top Lodges You Will Ever See

The Nest is a one of a kind romantic experience staying in a high end luxury tent. This five Star African Tent is built on stilts and hovers over the valley floor in Hot Springs Arkansas.

From the deck, guests will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the valley. You can even see the lake in the distance thru the beautiful foliage.

The Nest is the perfect place to relax, and get away from it all.  The spacious hot-tub on the deck is a great way to unwind and enjoy the views of the night sky.  An evening on the deck under the stars will feel like your own private slice of heaven.

Inside the tent, you will be transported to five star accommodations.  The tent, has both heat and air conditioning, a plush kind size bed, a 55″ TV with Dish Network. You can also play music from the Alexa video speaker that will fill the tent with your favorite tunes.

The open living room area has a beautifully appointed kitchenette. That is equipped with a stainless steel wall oven, microwave drawer, and an insta pot. The stainless refrigerator also has an ice maker. The kitchen is fully stocked with everything you will need to cook a wonderful dinner. The outdoor grill has a side burner for any other cooking needed for a cook top. The seating area has a custom down filled leather sleeper sofa with a matching ottoman. The camping chair in leather is over sized and super comfortable. The tent also has fast free WiFi service.

The bathroom has a beautiful soaking tub with hand sprayer.  The closet houses two baggage racks and an iron and mini ironing board. The linens for the fold out sofa bed are also located in this closet. There is a private room with a bidet toilet. Never sit on a cold toilet again! Roam shampoo, conditioner, body soap and bath salt amenities are provided for your convenience. Two cotton bathrobes are also provided for your stay! The bathroom feels like your own private spa with the romantic draped ceiling above you and the tree tops swaying outside.

A stay at The Next is an experience you will never forget, and after just one visit you will want to return over and over again.

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This Incredible Hike Leads To One Of The Most Majestic Waterfalls In The West

Utah is well known for its incredible outdoor adventures, and this hike deserves its place on your travel bucket list! Kanarra Falls is slowly gaining notoriety within the adventure community, as an amazing hike!

Cindy Woodbury Toler Beatty

Kanarraville is three and a half hours south of Salt Lake City and is located in Iron County.

Jesse Jacob

The trail starts off along a dirt road, with several creek crossings along the way.

Norm Allan

The trail is lined with beautiful rock formations, and offers up the type of views Utah is known for.

Jennifer Ducker

Before long you reach the slot canyon, which offers a nice break from the summer sun.

After about a mile, the path turns into a water trail. which feels amazing on a hot Utah day.

Before you know it, you’ve reached the waterfall, but don’t turn back now.  Be sure to climb the ladder to the top of the waterfall, and explore a little further.

Marilyn Rivera

From the top of the fall, you will find a couple more smaller waterfalls, that are fun to slide down during warm weather.

J-Rob Studios Photography

This is an out and back trail, checking in at just under 5 miles round trip.  It took us about 4 hours to complete this hike.

The trail is rated as moderate, but there is nothing challenging about it.

Kanarra Falls is located at 40 S Main St, Kanarraville, UT 84742. For directions to the trail head, click here.

Arizona’s Incredible Adventures

Visit Bearizona

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This picture is owned by Joanne West

Enjoy A Boat Tour Of Canyon Lake

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Ride Grand Canyon Railway

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Kartchner Caverns State Park

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Out of Africa Wildlife Park

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Live Life On The Wild-Side With Pink Jeep Tours Of Sedona.

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Arizona Raft Adventures

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Larry Turner

Arizona Zipline Adventures

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Visit Ancient Ruins At Betatakin

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Alan English

Take A Tour Of The Queen Mine

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This Natural Water-Slide That You Have To Visit!

Slide Rock State Park is consistently listed as one of the top 10 swimming holes in the United States, by The Travel Channel.

Visit Sedona

Sedona’s red rocks form the ultimate water slide, checking in at 80 feet in length and 2.5 to 4 feet wide, with a seven percent decline from top to bottom.

Christopher Stephen of Visit Arizona

Located in the beautiful Oak Creek Canyon, Slide Rock State Park, is a 43-acre historic apple farm dating back to the Homestead Act in 1910.

This picture is owned by the Travel Channel

The park is a very popular destination, with most visitors enjoying the cool waters of Oak Creek. However there are also 3 great hiking trails found within.

Bill Morrow

Pendley Homestead Trail: 0.25-mile trail with a difficulty rating of easy. This paved, level trail is suitable for all visitors and travels through a portion of the historic Pendley Homestead of Slide Rock State Park. Features along the trail include some of the original apple orchards, Pendley Homestead house, tourist cabins, apple packing barn, various farming implements that were used historically in the homestead, a new orchard of semi-dwarf apple trees, and spectacular views of the canyon walls of Oak Creek Canyon.

Bill Morrow

Slide Rock Route: This is a 0.3-mile trail with a difficulty rating of moderate. This primitive route along Oak Creek is the main access to the Slide Rock Swim Area. This extremely popular area features a natural water slide along Oak Creek.  This path begins near the apple packing barn. It descends to the creek via steps where it then crosses the creek via a small footbridge. During periods of high runoff, the footbridge will not be in place and visitors will need to stay on the west side of the creek. After crossing the footbridge, proceed north along the sandstone shelves. In the summer months, many sunbathers will be using some of this route for sunbathing, therefore, you may have to step over quite a few of them. As you proceed, you may notice a historic rock cabin on the west side of the creek. The original homesteader used this in conjunction with a flume and water wheel to generate electricity for the homestead. You will arrive at an eight-foot wall that can be your turn-around point. If you decide to negotiate the wall, you can explore the remote areas upstream where the route becomes more primitive.

Patty Deters/Alltrails

Clifftop Nature Trail: This is a 0.25-mile trail that begins near the apple barn and offers scenic views of the Slide Rock swim area.

Arizona State Parks

In case you needed another reason to visit, Slide Rock State Park is also one of the best places for apple picking in Arizona.

Slide Rock State Park is located at 6871 AZ-89A, Sedona, AZ 86336

The Views At This Park Are Unmatched In The Midwest!

Wyalusing State Park is a hidden gem in the Wisconsin parks system! This  2,628-acre park is located at the confluence of the Mississippi and Wisconsin rivers in the town of Wyalusing, just south of Prairie du Chien.  The park is located in the far southwest corner of the state has some of the best views anywhere in the state.

This picture is owned by Agāpé Voyage

The park has both land and water activities, as well as some of the most picturesque campsites you’ll find anywhere!

Kaz Conrad

The park also serves as the first place Europeans entered the Mississippi River.  Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet  were the first white people to venture down the Wisconsin River to its confluence with the Mighty Mississippi back in 1673.

This picture is owned by Brian Champion

Wyalusing is also one of Wisconsin’s oldest state parks.

There are some amazing features that make this park special, including 500 foot high bluffs with incredible views of the river valley, there are mysterious caves, and thousand year old rocks that you can spend the day exploring.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

While the views from land are nothing short of breathtaking, the real action takes place on the water.  The water trail is 6 miles in length, and takes paddlers downstream through the beautiful backwaters of the Mississippi.

Discover Wisconsin

The park is also a popular destination for hikers, with 8 different well marked trails combining for over 14 miles of rugged Wisconsin beauty.

Mariah Haberman

Wyalusing is also known for its historical significance in the area.  The Wyalusing Hardwood Forest is a National Natural Landmark and the Wyalusing State Park Mounds Archaeological District is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Hiking Hungry

The most popular attraction at the park is the campground, often considered the most beautiful in Wisconsin.  There are two main campgrounds: Homestead and Wisconsin Ridge, offering a total of 114 campsites.   The sites are wooded, and have tremendous views stretch out for miles and miles.

Midwest Living

The park is open year round, and is a great place for fishing, bird watching, and cross country sking!

Wyalusing State Park is located at 13295 State Park Ln, Bagley, WI 53801. For more information, click here.

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