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The Sapphire Spring In Missouri That’s Devastatingly Gorgeous

There are so many gorgeous waterways in Missouri. However, there is one place in the Show Me State that has such vivid sapphire blue water it will take your breath away. Head to Eminence, where you will enter the Ozark National Scenic Riverways to find Blue Spring. This stunning spring is aptly named and once the waters emerge along the trail you won’t be able to look away!

The Ozark National Scenic Riverways is the first national park area to protect a wild river system. Approximately 80,000 acres of the Ozark is protected under the Riverways, and even more land is protected by the Missouri Department of Conversation.

The Blue Springs Natural Area is one of the most beautiful locations in the Ozarks. You can hike the Blue Spring Trial and follow the path to the most stunning sapphire blue water you have ever seen.

Native Americans called the spring “Spring of the Summer Sky,” because of its stunning, clear blue water.

This picture is owned by Joe Rinella

At more than 310 feet deep, the spring is one of the deepest in the United States. The depth and fresh flow of water are what keeps the waters so vividly blue all year long.

This picture is owned by Paul and Peggy.

The spring looks very inviting, but unfortunately, swimming and wading in the spring are strictly prohibited to preserve its beauty.

This picture is owned by Joe Rinella

Blue Spring is accessible all year, but is most beautiful in the fall while the leaves are changing color and in the spring when the wildflowers bloom.

To get to the spring from Eminence follow these directions from the Missouri Department of Conservation: “head east on Highway 106 and travel 14 miles. Turn right (south) into the Powder Mill campground and parking area owned and operated by the National Park Service. At the boat launch on the Current River, look for a trailhead sign for the Powder Mill/Blue Spring Trail. Follow the trail south along the Current River for 1.5 miles to the Blue Spring parking area.”

The park is located at  County Rd 535, Ellington, MO 63638

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