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10 Reasons You Should Take Adventures With Your Significant Other.

Adventure requires a lot of patience, strength, cooperation, and planning. Spending a few days and nights in the back woods with your spouse can be a great test of your relationship. If you are newly dating someone, backpacking could be a make it or break it scenario. If you’ve been married for ten years, backpacking could be just the thing that brings you even closer together.

So whether you are trying to impress someone new, or you are looking for fun  with the love of your life, a weekend adventure can be just the thing you are looking for. Here are a few reasons why you should take adventures with your significant other:

1. You get to share a tent.

This is a big bonus, whether you are newly dating your partner, or you’ve been together for a long time. Sharing a tent is great excuse to cuddle.

2. Discover how well you work together.

Backpacking with someone requires teamwork. Finding your way, setting up camp, preparing meals, and gathering firewood are just some of the necessary tasks. Backpacking is a great way to test out how well the two of you can work together.

3. Solve problems as a team.

Anything can happen in the backcountry. More than likely, a problem will arise at some point, whether it is a big one or a very small one. Regardless of the size, you will need to put your heads together and solve the problem together. This can bring the two of you closer and give you a whole new appreciation for each other.

4. Share responsibilities.

Maybe you will gather the water, while your partner starts setting up the sleeping bags and sleeping pads inside the tent. Maybe you will work together to cook your dinner. Sharing responsibilities around camp will make the whole experience go smoother. You can see how willing your partner is to help out and to take on tasks.

5. Explore new places.

Seeing new places together for the first time is an incredible experience. Exploring areas that neither of you have been to before will create memories that will last a life time.

6. Find out if you get sick of each other.

Spending days and nights together, non-stop, can be a real test of your relationship. Especially if it is a newer relationship, you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly if your significant other is going to be a hard person to be around for an extended period of time. You’ll undoubtedly discover some new things about your partner that you weren’t aware of before – which can be  very good or very bad.

7. Quality time.

Being alone in the wild is a great way to spend quality time together. Without the distractions of every day modern life, you will be able to focus solely on each other. It’s also the perfect opportunity to have any important conversations, as you’ll have their full attention.

8. Share in each other’s highs and lows.

Adventure travel is full of extreme highs and the occasional low. You’ll cheer each other on as you climb that gorgeous but tricky cliff for the unforgettable view; You’ll cheer each other up when it’s raining and you are shivering in your tent. The point is, that whether you’re experiencing something great, or something down right miserable, you’re experiencing it together.

9. Learn how your significant other handles roughin’ it.

Sometimes people surprise us. Your makeup-loving, stiletto wearing girlfriend may blow you away with how down and dirty she is willing to get in the back woods. Your suit and tie wearing husband may be a beast climbing up a rugged mountain. You just never know how tough a person is until they are thrown 10+ miles into the wild with a heavy pack strapped onto their back.

10. Make memories.

The memories that the two of you will make together will be one of a kind and priceless. You will laugh, and you may cry. You could end up screaming at each other and realizing that your new date is just not the guy or gal that you need in your life, or you could end up falling even deeper in love. Regardless, the memories you make in the wild stay with you forever, for better or for worse. Usually for better.



  1. Maybe adventure could of saved my marriage, to bad i did not read this a year ago.

  2. Really enjoyed this article, my girl and I try and get out every chance we get. Awesome points you made.

  3. Some very good points made here. If couples spent more time hiking and canoeing, and less time face timing, and texting we would see a much lower divorce rate. Same can be said for children. To much screen time and not enough trail time. Love your work, and I would enjoy meeting you for an adventure someday.

    • Thanks for reading George, I couldn’t agree more. I take my wife and kids with every chance I get. We adventured 40 weeks out of the year last year. Really brought us together. Thanks for reading, and I would love to meet up for an adventure sometime. I will post on the Facebook page when I get something planned.

    • Yes! We are very strict with our kiddos when it comes to screen time as well. Every weekend they look forward to where they will be going. Our 5 year old maxed at 7 miles this year. Kids know what their parents show them. We love to lead by example.

  4. Very well written Mark, maybe this is the key to a happy marriage. The trick is finding someone who loves adventure as much as you do.

  5. Seems to be a lot of men bashing in these comments. Did you ladies ever stop and think that maybe you just married losers? I love hiking and camping and kayaking. Can i ever get my wife to join me? No! She might break a nail. Or get bit by a bug, or work up a sweat. I face the same challenges you ladies do. but your don’t see me on here complaining.

  6. This is so awesome! But unfortunately all men like to do is watch football and drink beer. So it would more likely be me and the kids having an adventure, which is fine by me.

  7. Good stuff, my boyfriend and I met while rock climbing and we have a rock solid relationship. Sharing adventures and travels, together really changes your heart.

  8. You should write an article that convinces women to bait there own hooks.

  9. Wish i had a girl to take fishing!

  10. Quality time canoeing down a river or camping under the stars is where its at!

  11. this may be good info for a first date. beats the same old dinner and a movie routine.

  12. This is not a dating site.

  13. No where can i find a woman who likes to fish and hunt?

  14. Lol at all the finger pointing in these comments. Ladies if you married a man who just wants to drink beer and watch football on the couch, then that is your own fault. And guys if your girl can’t bait a hook or go for a hike without complaining then you too did not choose a partner well. There are plenty of good guys and gals out there that love a little adventure. Choose your partner wisely!

  15. Great stuff in this article, I think getting out and exploring new places is very important to the well being of a relationship. No matter what stage your relationship is in get out of the house and explore someplace new.

  16. I could not agree more. This is an awesome article!

  17. My late husband and I would hike camp just about every single weekend we could. He would of loved this site and the work you are doing. This is a very good article with some great points I don’t see young couples doing these sort of things anymore.

  18. Lots of good points here, relationships do not bloom while sitting on the couch. My boyfriend and I have become so close water skiing together. i can see how it could translate into other forms of adventures as well. Bottom line you are together having fun, working on a common goal. That is the key to a good relationship.

  19. My husband and I take a canoe trip every summer together its always the highlight of the year.

  20. This could be a great way to surprise my wife for our anniversary. Thanks for the idea!

  21. For years it seemed like every time we went camping I ended up prego’s. Guess there must be something to this.

  22. Great tips in this one. Love camping with my man!

  23. If only i could find a woman who could keep up with me, this might be possible.

  24. Great idea here, we have been happily married for 17 years and i have to say our camping/hiking trips are a big part of the reason why.

  25. My partner and I have just gotten into hiking this past summer. Thanks to this page. We have really enjoyed our trips, maybe camping is the next step.
    Nice story.

  26. I would rather have a candle light dinner and a movie with my man. Sorry!

  27. The family that camps together, stays together!!

  28. Why would anyone want to go camping in this cold. Its freezing outside, wait till spring.

  29. Took my wife camping once. She about froze to death and complained the whole time. Thats not my idea of fun.

  30. I agree with all your points here, camping, hiking it all creates a bond with your spouse that you cant get just anywhere. Great work!

  31. I used to camp with my ex a lot. But all that meant is that he would get drunk in the woods next to a camp fire. There is no romance in a tent with a drunk guy. Sorry, not sorry.

  32. This article should be called, 10 ways to score a hook up while in the woods.

  33. Interesting points you made here, never spent much time in the woods together. For some reason all our adventures seemed to stop when we found each other. Maybe we plan something for the spring.

  34. We have been hiking and traveling together for years and our marriage is great, could be that your on to something here. Haha! nice article.

  35. If only i could get my husband off the couch. Maybe you could write an article on how to do that.

  36. I love camping with my boyfriend has really helped us get to know each other better. Some greats points are made in your article. Good work.

  37. Very nice article,just it shared with my husband. We have always taken separate vacations and maybe that is a mistake.

  38. Finding a partner that is equally yolked is the challenge. We all have different interests so it may be hard to agree on.

  39. Seems like the comments have been taken over by people complaining about their relationships. Instead we should celebrate the relationships that are working. Very informative article here and it sounds as if its spoken from experience.

  40. I agree and support this article, roughin it is really a great way to bring a couple together.

  41. any tips for getting started or how to convince someone that it will be fun.

  42. This is a good idea!

  43. No better way to enjoy quality time with someone special then by sharing a fun adventure together. This article is pretty good, and sums up my beliefs well. You need an outlet to enjoy life together. There is something about the outdoors and nature that really brings you together.

  44. I think adventure needs to be defined better. This could mean different things to different people. Adventure as a word may frighten certain individuals. They may think rock climbing a 100 foot bluff, when really adventure means a relaxing weekend in a beautiful cabin. You may say adventure and mean spelunking through some tight cave system, and she thinks laying in an inner tube floating down river. Communication is key. Know your partners limits and plan adventures that you both can enjoy. If your man is a drunk, then maybe floating in a tube drinking is an adventure you can enjoy together. If your girl is a wimp you could plan a weekend adventure in a beautiful cabin. Find common grounds you both can enjoy. They are out there!

  45. I love hiking and camping, wish I had a boyfriend to take me.

  46. I can’t disagree with anything here. Only hard part is finding someone who enjoys the outdoors. By the posts above it seems both men and women, have trouble finding partners to enjoy this. If you have a relationship like this do not take it for granted.

  47. I used to hike and camp with my ex husband every weekend. He would get so drunk and stupid I would leave his sorry ass passed out in a lawn chair. I think adventure could be good for a relationship but when one partner parties and the other has to do all the work, then adventure can tear a couple apart.

  48. I think the point is to find common interests, that challenge you and push you to do new things.

  49. Valid points made in this article!

  50. Tracey are you fucking crazy. Why are you on a hiking blog talking shit, about a person know one even knows. Im sure you’re a real peach to be around to.

  51. What if your man is a worthless pos? What if he only gets off the couch to microwave a food or take a dump? Should I still take an adventure with him? Maybe you should spend a week with my man, before you start throwing around ideas.

  52. I take my lady hunting every chance we get. Its become our favorite pass time.

  53. lol at all these comments. wow angry much? everyone jealous over their relationships taking it out on this message board. funny!

  54. This is a good article.

  55. Love the points in this article, both serious and funny. Looks like you have a great marriage, good for you! Maybe the rest of us should follow your lead.

  56. Wish I had someone special to take trips with.

  57. Forget all the jaded haters, this article rocks and the point is spot on.

  58. My lover and i have always enjoyed adventure together,out relationship is rock solid. i think you bring up some good points bottom line get yo ass off the couch and get out and make some memories together.

  59. you mentioned some great talking points here, i will be taking note.

  60. Very nice article

  61. Very nice points made right here.

  62. Noneofyourbusiness

    February 8, 2018 at 9:42 am

    Lots of haters checking in here. for real tho

  63. I agree with everything said here. you have to find a common ground or interest to make a relationship work. Hiking camping fishing whatever it may be creates a bond that will last thru the bad times.

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